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Nafiseh Roshan: Actors with most TV appearances

Join iFilm English on a journey as we reveal our new series, 'Screen Stars: Actors with Most TV Appearances'.

Join us on an exploration with iFilm English as we unveil our latest series, 'Screen Stars: Actors with Most TV Appearances', putting the spotlight on the talents who have graced iFilm screens most frequently over the past year.

Our fourth feature highlights Nafiseh Roshan, a prominent figure in Iranian television who is celebrated for her emotional performances.

Over the past year, Roshan appeared in six iFilm series: ‘A Cage to Fly’, ‘Years of Snow and Violet’, ‘Coma’, ‘The Honeymoon’, ‘Building No. 85’ and ‘Cold Fever’.

Roshan is known for portraying positive and sweet characters and often playing the role of a cherished family member.

In ‘The Cold Fever’, one of her earliest TV roles, she began to make her mark on the industry after just three years.

Her role in ‘Coma’ is particularly memorable to her fans, both in Iran and abroad.

In this series, she plays a good-natured young woman who wishes to marry her chosen partner, while her father is on the verge of making a disastrous decision regarding her marriage.

Roshan's contribution to Iranian television stands out as significant and commendable.

Stay tuned for more features on your favorite stars in 'Screen Stars: Actors with Most TV Appearances'.

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