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A portrait of late Iranian filmmaker Yadollah Samadi

iFilm English website features a profile of Iranian director Yadollah Samadi.

Late veteran Iranian director Yadollah Samadi (born on 1952) embarked on his cinematic journey in 1972.

Beyond his role as a director, Samadi showed his versatility in the realms of assistant direction, screenwriting, and production.

Among his notable works are TV series such as 'Passion to Fly' (2007-2011) and 'Haft-Seen (The Seven ‘S’)' (2013), broadcast on iFilm English TV.

‘Passion to Fly’, a portrayal of the legendary Iranian martyr fighter pilot Abbas Babaee, marked Samadi's initial venture into television and received widespread acclaim.

Samadi's cinematic resume includes an array of motion pictures such as 'The Bus' (1985), 'Station' (1987), 'Apartment 13' (1990), 'Two and a Half People' (1991), 'Domrol' (1993), 'The Miracle of Laughter' (1996), 'My Lady' (2002), 'City of Chaos' (2005), 'Private Precinct' (2008), and 'The Other’s Father' (2014).

‘Station’, a psychological thriller from 1987, stands out as one of the post-revolutionary cinema's finest, influencing the genre alongside Mohammad Reza Daalami's ‘The Weak Point’.

Samadi's directorial skill is further exemplified by 'The Man Who Knew A Lot' (1984), which earned him a Crystal Simorgh for Best Director at the 3rd Fajr Film Festival.

Recognition continued with a Crystal Simorgh for Best Screenplay bestowed upon 'Apartment 13' (1990) at the 9th Fajr Film Festival.

Samadi assumed leadership roles, managing Iran’s House of Cinema from 1998 to 2001 and serving as the head of the Iranian Cinema Directors Association.

Contributing to the industry beyond his own creations, Samadi served on the jury panel of the 17th and 30th Fajr International Film Festival in the Iranian cinema section.

Tragically, Samadi's life was cut short by liver disease, and he passed away at the age of 66 in Shiraz on September 25, 2018.

Yadollah Samadi's legacy lives on through his significant contributions to Iranian cinema and his diverse role in shaping its narrative.

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