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Watch trailer for iFilm’s ‘The Valiant of Tangestan’

iFilm website publishes trailer for Iranian series ‘The Valiant of Tangestan’.

Website of iFilm English TV Channel has published trailer for Iranian series ‘The Valiant of Tangestan’.

Directed by the late Homayoun Shahnavaz, 'The Valiant of Tangestan' is about Britain’s colonial moves in southern Iran. Ahmad Tangestani, along with hundreds of his comrades, rose up to defend the country against the occupation of the coastal cities and villages in the south.

Sixty years later, the colonial powers once again sought to violate Iran’s neutrality in the First World War and occupy the country. Now, it’s Raeis Ali Delvari and his men’s turn to defend the country.

Notable among the cast members are Hossein Mahjoub and the late Esmaeel Davarfar.

Don’t miss the first segment of the 14-episode series tonight at 19:00 GMT. Every episode will be repeated the next day at 03:00, 08:00, and 14:00 (all GMT times).