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A portrait of Iranian director Behrang Tofiqi

Behrang Tofiqi stands as a versatile and accomplished artist in Iranian cinema.

Behrang Tofiqi stands as a versatile and accomplished artist, leaving an indelible mark as a director, actor, scriptwriter, and production manager within Iranian cinema.

Born in 1976 in Tehran, Tofiqi has become a figure in the Iranian entertainment industry, attracting audiences both at home and abroad with his compelling storytelling and directorial skills.

Tofiqi's directorial journey has been nothing short of impressive, with a string of series and films that showcase his understanding of human emotions and societal dynamics.

Notable among his directorial works are 'Detour' (2011), 'A Beautiful Revolution' (2014), 'Agate' (2017), 'Ahmeen' (2014), 'Rooftop of Tehran' (2015), and 'Maple' (2021). Each piece reflects Tofiqi's ability to navigate diverse genres, from drama to suspense.

In the cinematic realm, Tofiqi has also left his mark with 'From Beyond the Grave' (2009).

Beyond the director's chair, Tofiqi has graced the screen as an actor, delivering memorable performances in 'We Pass by Each Other' (2000), 'In Love with Scarecrow' (2003), and 'No Men Allowed' (2010).

Tofiqi's impact has transcended national borders, earning him international acclaim. Several of his series, including 'Amen’, 'A Mother's Sacrifices’, 'A Beautiful Revolution’, 'The Roof of Tehran’, 'At a Crossroads’, and 'Father’, have been dubbed in English and broadcast on iFilm English TV, expanding his reach to a global audience.

Within the Iranian home market, Tofiqi has crafted series that resonate deeply with local audiences, including 'The Noble Men' and 'No One Around'.

In recognition of his contributions to the world of television, Tofiqi received a nomination for the Hafez Statue Award for Best Director at the 19th Hafez Awards in 2019.

With a portfolio that spans genres and mediums, Tofiqi remains a storyteller that goes beyond cultural borders, making a lasting impact on global cinema.

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