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A portrait of late Iranian director Hamid Labkhandeh

Hamid Labkhandeh is a veteran figure in Iranian cinema.

Born in 1951 in the Iranian city of Ahvaz, Hamid Labkhandeh, a veteran figure in Iranian cinema, has left an enduring impact on the nation's cultural landscape.

Graduating in Theater Directing from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Tehran, Labkhandeh's journey into the world of cinema began under the guidance of the late veteran Iranian film and theater director and translator Hamid Samandarian.  

Labkhandeh dedicated himself to his craft, not only learning from his mentors but also becoming a torchbearer for their legacy.

Following the passing of Samandarian and his film and stage actress wife Homa Rousta, Labkhandeh assumed the mantle of leadership at the Samandarian Acting School.

Labkhandeh, known for his directing skills, also showcased his talents in television. The series 'In My Heart' (1998) and 'Under Your Protection' (1995) became timeless classics, etching themselves into the collective consciousness of Iranians.

Noteworthy films like 'The Blue' (2000), 'Stay with Me' (2002), and 'Detectives' (2008) highlighted Labkhandeh's skill in creating captivating stories.

Beyond directing, Labkhandeh's spirit thrived in various roles within the industry. A prolific writer, actor, and editor, he lent his talents to a plethora of projects.

His writing credits include notable series such as 'Dargol', 'Clock Without Hands', 'Visible and Invisible', and the film 'The Blue'.

His on-screen performances in the series 'Road', the movie 'Like A Wind', and 'The Lost Ones' showed his talent as an actor. As an editor, Labkhandeh's touch was evident in iFilm series 'Truth Revealed'.

Sadly, after battling illness, Labkhandeh bid farewell to this world on January 8, 2022.

His departure leaves a void in the Iranian artistic community, but his contributions will continue to inspire generations, ensuring that the name Hamid Labkhandeh remains synonymous with creativity, and passion for the art of storytelling.

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