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Portrait of Iranian makeup artist maestro Jalal Moayyerian

Read on to know more about Jalal Moayyerian known as founder of classic makeup in Iranian cinema.

In the world of cinematic artistry, few figures shine as brightly as Jalal Moayyerian, an Iranian makeup artist with a career adorned with accolades and massive contributions to the craft.

Born on September 12, 1941, in Tehran, Moayyerian's journey as a makeup artist started in 1970, following his studies at the Dramatic Art School.

Renowned as the founder of classic makeup in Iranian cinema, Moayyerian's distinctive approach to his craft has garnered widespread acclaim.

His work in films and series such as ‘Death of Yazdgerd’ (1982), ‘Heads on Gallows’ (1984), ‘Kamal-ol-Molk’ (1984), 'Hezar Dastan' (1987), and ‘Lead’ (1987) is considered a revolutionary contribution to the art of makeup in Iranian cinema.

Notably, Moayyerian holds the prestigious distinction of winning the Crystal Simorgh for Best Makeup Artist at the Fajr Film Festival three times – a testament to his skill and innovation.

His influence extends beyond the screen, as he founded the first makeup training institute in Iran, passing on his expertise to aspiring makeup artists.

Moayyerian's list of accolades is extensive, including Golden Jam-e-Jam for Best Makeup from National Iranian Radio and Television (1975), Khaneh Cinema Award for Best Makeup at the 5th Iranian Cinema Festival (2000), and the Golden Cypress for Best Makeup at the 3rd Jam-e-Jam Television Festival for series ‘Butterfly’ and ‘The Gift of Darkness’.

In 2021, Moayyerian received a PhD equivalent degree in Art, recognizing his innovation, creativity, and remarkable achievements.

While Moayyerian is celebrated primarily as a makeup designer, he has also left his mark as an actor in films such as ‘Hot Nescafe’ and ‘The Evil Inside’.

One of his most challenging works, according to him, was the makeup for Imam Khomeini (played by Abdolreza Akbari) in ‘The Morning Son’.

Some of Moayyerian's notable titles aired by iFilm English TV include 'Five Kilometers from Heaven', 'The Fifth Sun', 'The Tenth Night', 'The Gift of Darkness', 'The Water Fairy', and 'Saint Mary'.

His cinematic repertoire also includes titles like 'Cease Fire', '3 Cats on the Roof', 'Paternal Farm', 'House on the Water', 'Saint Mary', and 'Angelic Ship',

As Moayyerian continues to leave an indelible mark on the canvas of Iranian cinema, we extend our heartfelt wishes for many more years of health, creativity, and fulfillment in his journey.

For Moayyerian's page on imdb, click here.

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