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A portrait of Iranian cinematographer Alireza Zarrin-Dast

Read on to know more about Iranian cinematographer Alireza Zarrin-Dast.

Born in 1945 in Tabriz, Alireza Zarrin-Dast embarked on his cinematic voyage as a camera assistant in the movie ‘Satan's Temptation’ back in 1967.

Over the decades, he has become synonymous with brilliance behind the lens, crafting visual narratives that transcend time and space.

Zarrin-Dast's portfolio is a testament to his versatility and artistic prowess. From the drama ‘White Fish Season’ (2019) to ‘Blood Bead’ (2019) and ‘Dagger and Kneecap’ (2018), each frame he captures resonates with depth and emotion.

Some of the cameraman's most famous works include 'Pari' by Darioush Mehrjouee, 'The Queen' by Mohammad-Ali Basheh-Ahangar, 'Cease-Fire' by Tahmineh Milani, Kioumars Pourahmad’s 'Blade and Termeh', and 'Down and Out' by Hamid Nematollah.

While his footprint in cinema is profound, Zarrin-Dast has also left a significant mark on the small screen.

His mastery of visual storytelling shines through series like ‘In the Eye of the Storm’, a popular drama on iFilm English TV.

Zarrin-Dast's contributions to the world of cinematography have not gone unnoticed. His accolades include the Crystal Simorgh for Best Cinematography at the Fajr Film Festival, awarded in 2017 for his work on ‘Underwater Cypress’.

Zarrin-Dast draws inspiration from his older brother, Mohammad, a veteran director, producer, and writer, who has played a pivotal role in his cinematic journey.

In addition to his festival accolades, Zarrin-Dast's contributions have been celebrated on the international stage.

From the Best Cinematography Award at the Dhaka Film Festival for ‘Superstar’ to the Golden AR Award at the Italian Rimini Film Festival for ‘Bicycle Rider’, his impact transcends borders, cementing his status as a true visionary.

Zarrin-Dast continues to shine in each new project, bringing his unique vision and dedication to storytelling. With every scene, he creates a world where light and shadow blend seamlessly, leaving a lasting impact on the audience's hearts.

iFilm English wishes him good health and continued success.

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